The Kid’s Gotta Go to Toledo?

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My ego says no, but who knows?

Elizabeth just heard she was accepted to the University of Toledo but not to her engineering major which pisses me off.  I emailed the admissions rep, and she said the requirements for an engineering major is a 22 on her ACT (she got a 28), pre-calculus in high school (she’s in AP Calculus), and a 3.0 GPA. There you have it. She has a 2.92 and it won’t be recalculated until May.

Maybe because I’m her mother, but Elizabeth is more than qualified to enter UT as an engineering major, but alas, no holistic application review there.

The hardest part about this whole college search is that there are so many unknowns. I’m trying to let go and see where the universe sends us.


 The Kid’s Gotta Go to Toledo?

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