The Kid’s Gotta Go to Ohio State?

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Elizabeth was put on their waiting list for the engineering school. Which is sort of a win? It wasn’t a no right away.

Elizabeth doesn’t have a 3.0 GPA which apparently makes a big deal to a lot of colleges. I think it is ludicrous because grades are so subjective. The course work, rigor, and grading requirements are subjective and vary wildly from school to school and sometimes even class to class. I know this because I am a high school and I see it. I have had students who are in the National Honor Society but can’t score higher than a 14 on the ACT. There is a disconnect.

What Elizabeth does have going for her is she has taken rigorous coursework for her four years of high school. So when she was failing her classes in 9th and 10th grade because she refused to do any or her work and her English teacher said she should be removed from her honors English class, I said no. Elizabeth needed to be in that honors class because she was a bright kid hidden in a surly teenager’s body. I knew eventually she would eventually come around or if she never came around she would be a literate delinquent.

Ohio State must have seen that upward movement because in 11th and 12th grade, Elizabeth’s grades totally turned around. She started getting all As and Bs. She scored a 3 on her AP Biology exam and a 28 on her ACT. They must have seen something which would warrant a second look at her application.

So we hurry up and wait for March.

 The Kid’s Gotta Go to Ohio State?

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