The Kid’s Gotta Go To Cleveland State?

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We visited Cleveland State. We liked Cleveland State. Elizabeth got to ride a Segway while we where there. I looked around in the engineering building and I could see Elizabeth there hanging out and studying with these students. They were her people, equal parts socially awkward and math/science nerd. When we walked into engineering building, we followed the signs to the engineering department. As we turned the corner, we saw two what appeared to be foreign exchange students standing by a white board sign that said, “Welcome Elizabeth Tenon.” We said hello to them, and I promptly took a picture of Elizabeth standing next to her sign. We walked into the audit. The students nodded their heads a lot and said hello and waved us into the auditorium. There sat two identical piles of CSU swag, cookies and water bottles. I looked around. We were the only ones scheduled. This was my kind of visit.

The dorm was across the street from the engineering building. No, really. She would go out the doors of the engineering building, cross 24th street right there and be at the doors to Fenn tower. I liked that.

Elizabeth liked the idea of being downtown. There is lots to do. I just graduated from CSU with a MFA in creative writing, so the last few years we have been down there a lot. We’ve also had season passes to the Broadway Series at Playhouse Square. Once a month, we go down  there, have dinner or at least some Starbucks, and then go see a show. It’s all so familiar to Elizabeth. It was and still is her #1 choice, but we received our financial aid letter and no assistance which means I don’t know how Elizabeth is going to live on campus. I reached out to CSU to see if they would match the $5,500 merit scholarship Miami University offered her. They haven’t gotten back to me.

The whole point of college is for Elizabeth to get out. Not because I want her out of my house(which I do just a little; she takes up an enormous amount of emotional space) but because she needs to go. If she is going to keep growing and maturing, she’s gotta go.



 The Kid’s Gotta Go To Cleveland State?

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