The Kid’s Gotta Go to Akron?

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The short answer is no.

The long answer is more complicated.

It’s more complicated because we visited the University of Akron, and Elizabeth liked it. The university sits right in the middle of an urban setting, but the campus itself is compact, and I liked that. Akron was a big soccer campus which bode well with Elizabeth. She had played soccer since she was 8 years-old. She had no dreams of playing in college, but soccer fields and talk of PKs and offside penalties would bring a little bit of home with her. Akron is known for their engineering program which is what Elizabeth wants to major in. Once Elizabeth saw the movie theater in the student union, Akron quickly made it to our short list. After the campus tour, we went to Luigi’s for lunch. It’s the kind of place that doesn’t open until 4 p.m. on  a Sunday and at 3:45, there is a line at the door waiting to get in. We ordered a salad with cheese and we got exactly what we expected from Luigi’s a bowl of cheese with a little bit of lettuce and their homemade Italian dressing.

But then Scott Scarborough happened. Or more accurately, I first heard about Scott Scarborough and the lay offs, and the close to a million dollar renovation, and the remote control shower and the infamous olive jar and it was over for me. I’ve worked at places with lay offs and I know how it impacts the culture of an organization. Although, Elizabeth will probably find her career in the science and technology field, I cannot overlook the fact the he first closed down EJ Thomas Hall and the University of Akron Press. The creative arts are necessary today than ever particularly when so many jobs can be done overseas. The ability to tell a particular story will never be able to be shipped overseas.

I was talking to a former student of mine who attends UA. He said I should still send Elizabeth to Akron because there won’t be any cuts to the engineering department and then he laughed.

Sorry, can’t do it.


 The Kid’s Gotta Go to Akron?

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